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Proking Flat Bed (3-Shear Bed Ways) CNC Lathe


Our Flat Bed Lathes are designed primarily for heavy duty turning operations with dramatic productivity. The high quality casting construction assures optimum rigidity and stability for years of reliable, trouble-free operation. Great horsepower motor provides powerful cutting. Each machine is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Proking's wide range of flat bed CNC lathes give you flexible choice. No matter which model yo select, you get a lathe that can increase productivity and profits in your parts turning.









Swing over bed
880 mm
1010 mm
1135 mm
1275 mm
Swing over cross slide 510 mm
640 mm
770 mm
910 mm
Distance between center
2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000
Bed width
920 mm (3-shear bed way)
Spindle nose
A2-11, A2-15, A2-20,
A2-20, A2-28, SPECIAL
Spindle bore
153 mm, 230 mm, 318 mm
360 mm, 410 mm, 510 mm
Spindle speed
10-1000, 6-700, 5-500,
4-400, 3-350, 2-250
Gear Transmission
Spindle taper
AC Spindle motor
AC 35/30 HP
Turret type
V8, V12, H4, H6 std. 350 mm square
Square shank tool size
32 x 32 mm
Maximum travel speed
X-axis: 6M/min.
Z-axis: 8M/min.
Cutting speed
X-axis: 0.001 - 250 mm/rev.
Z-axis: 0.001 - 400 mm/rev.
Tailstock spindle traverse-quill diameter
200 mm - Ø235 mm
Tailstock spindle taper
 MT #6
X-axis servo motor
 2.5 HP
Z-axis servo motor
 4.7 HP
Coolant pump motor
 0.5 HP
FANUC, MITSUBISHI or customer specified
Machine weight 2000 mm center distance
14500 kg
15300 kg
16700 kg
16900 kg
Each additional 1000 mm increment
1700 kg
1700 kg
1700 kg
1700 kg


Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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