Lubrication Systems

We specialize in Lube Global Oil, Grease and LHL products, keeping machinery running and bringing innovation to factories around the world.


LHL Systems

The LHL system is the proprietary system which takes advantage of the benefits of both oil's liquid nature and grease's adhesiveness. Lube Global has dedicated itself to the pursuit of LHL system performance. Compared to oil or conventional grease, LHL X-100 special urea grease maintains a thick oil film even at low speeds, preventing machinery wear arising from the loss of lubrication film.


Fretting is reduced due to LHL X-100's superb lubricating and firm formation capabilities. The stick-slip phenomenon can cause tool damage and reduction in tool process and precision. LHL X-100 inhibits the occurrence of this phenomenon as it's fluctuation ranges it's static friction and dynamic friction coefficients are low and have small absolute values at all speeds. The LHL system provides a significant boost to the maintenance of machine tool performance and the stability of machine functions.


Grease Systems

Lube Global's grease systems include battery operated kits, positive displacement injectors for small-medium machines, multi-port centralized lubrication systems, series progressive system for small-large machines and PDI and Series progressive metering valve systems for small-medium machines. Lube original grease is also available and has excellent shear stability, wear resistance and oxidation stability. Lube Original Grease is also water resistant with rust preventive properties.


Oil Systems

Lube Global's oil systems include positive displacement injectors for large machines, single line resistance compact systems for small machines (intermittent and continuous delivery) and single line resistance junctions for installing both flow and control units. Accessories and Reservoirs from 0.2 to 8L also available.